STOP Stonebridge Working Group's Proposal to Purchase the Stonebridge Golf Course

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Send a message to the Stonebridge Working Group (SWG), the Stonebridge Community Association (SCA), city Councillors, and the Mayor that you WON'T accept an additional tax on your Stonebridge property based upon a flawed proposal.

This is NOT a vote. This is a petition to say NO to the proposal.

Stop the SCA and the SWG from moving forward with their proposal to purchase the golf course and ALSO to allow Mattamy to continue to develop on the Stonebridge Golf Course.

Residents were promised that no build would take place they would NOT have to pay an ADDITIONAL TAX to purchase a golf course. Now, some residents will lose their view and also have pay the this fair? NO!

The proposal is not viable for many valid reasons. You're encouraged to review the list of concerns and questions about the proposal presented by the Working Group and the Stonebridge Community Association. 

The proposal has significant discrepancies, involves significant conflicts of interest, and lacks transparency. This petition is to ensure an honest, objective, and thorough process to discovering an acceptable solution.