Please help save the Bangerter Farm

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Dear Neighbor,

Farmington City wants to take away our family farm and to replace it with soccer fields. We are asking you to help us save our farm, and to ask Farmington City to put their soccer fields somewhere else.

Here’s how it works. The new West Davis Corridor highway is going to pave over some soccer fields that Farmington City owns. The Utah Department of Transportation (UDOT) has to find another location for those soccer fields. There are a lot of pieces of property where those soccer fields can be located, but instead of putting the soccer fields there, Farmington City wants to take away our land and destroy our productive farm. We think that’s unfair.

Here’s the problem. We make our living as farmers. There are only so many places where farm land can be productive. We have found and developed a good one. We don’t want to lose it. We pay taxes on that farm. We employ dozens of people each year who work that farm. We supply restaurants, stores and farmers markets with fresh, local produce from that farm. It is our livelihood. On the other hand, there are a lot of places where a soccer field can be put. You can’t grow crops on a soccer field. Why take our productive farm? It makes no sense to us. If we lose our farm, we lose our livelihood.

We are fighting back. First, we’ve asked Farmington City to reconsider where it wants to put its soccer fields and to leave our farm alone. It’s an easy fix. Second, we have filed a petition with Farmington City to designate our farm land as protected, under the Utah Agricultural Protection Act. That will save it from encroachment by Farmington City in the future.

Will you help us? What we are asking for is that you send a letter or an email or a petition to Farmington City, asking that Farmington City reconsider having UDOT take our land to put soccer fields on it, and to support our petition to protect our family farm under Utah law.

Here’s how to contact the Farmington Mayor and City Council:

Mayor Jim Talbot

City Council:

Brett Anderson Doug Anderson

Brigham Mellor Cory Ritz

Rebecca Wayment

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