Recall Scottsdale Councilman Guy Phillips

Recall Scottsdale Councilman Guy Phillips

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The citizens of Scottsdale, Arizona, can no longer allow Councilmember Guy Phillips the privilege to serve in a leadership role.

On June 24th, Mr. Phillips held a rally against mandatory mask wearing in Scottsdale and other Arizona municipalities. Arizona is currently a Covid-19 hotspot. Our cases are multiplying exponentially, our ICU capacity is shrinking by the day and our inpatient hospital capacity is getting dangerously close to a tipping point. The situation is looking dire. Instead of doing his part to set a positive example during a public health crisis, Mr. Phillips has decided to taunt the 123,000+ Americans who have died, 2.4+ million who have been infected, tens of millions who have lost their jobs, and countless more who will face permanent health impairments, loss of life or pain of losing a loved one. 

As if Mr. Phillips' conspiracy theory parade was not enough, when he had a chance to speak, his first words were, "I can't breathe." In doing so, he was mocking the tragic last words of George Floyd, Mike Brown, and others who have tragically lost their lives. 

Link to Guy Phillips' embarrassing act:

This is not the first time Guy Phillips has made national news - in a bad way. In March, he made ignorant and racist statements about Covid-19. You can find information on that here:

Our leadership must reflect our values of hard work, compassion, empathy and intelligence. We have to reject bigotry and willful ignorance. We cannot tolerate such insipid behavior from our elected officials and a change must be made immediately. 

Join me in sending a message to the Scottsdale Mayor, City Council, State governing boards and Guy Phillips himself that we will no longer be tolerating such behavior. We ask that Mr. Phillips either resign and withdraw from future elections or we will begin formal removal proceedings via recall and/or other mechanisms as allowed by Arizona state law.