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At the 28 May 2018 North Sydney Council meeting, despite a packed public gallery (many of whom were gagged from speaking by the Mayor) and a petition signed by 100s & 100s of residents urging the Council to stand up for its community and not be beholden to the State Government, North Sydney Council resolved to support the NSW State Government’s Western Harbour Tunnel and Northern Beaches Link (WHTNBL).

It is well-known that the proposed Northern Beaches tunnel will have devastating impacts on our local community, will permanently contaminate our local parks and open spaces as the toxic waster will be stored there, and have detrimental and unacceptable effects on our health, particularly of our children attending schools near the unfiltered pollution stacks.

In the recent North Sydney News, Mayor Jilly Gibson says:

"The Western Harbour Tunnel and Beaches Link will take traffic from Military Road and Falcon Street, as well as the parallel rat runs. This new transport option will have a calming effect on the villages of Cammeray, Neutral Bay and Cremorne, ensuring these centres become more pedestrian friendly and community oriented.

During this process, our Council must negotiate for the best possible long term outcomes for our community and adjoining communities. The Deputy Mayor, Councillor Stephen Barbour, and I will continue to meet with the Premier Gladys Berejiklian, the Local Member for North Shore Felicity Wilson and State Government. We will lobby forcefully to minimise any detrimental effects during the construction period. Our seat at the table during the project planning will guarantee that unfiltered smoke stacks will not be located near our local primary or secondary schools or in our precious St Leonards Park.”

(One wonders how having smoke stacks in our community will have a “calming effect on the villages of Cammeray, Neutral Bay and Cremorne” unless of course, the fumes and pollution spewing from the stacks is so intense that we all pass out and calmly lie on the footpath breathing in the toxic fumes.)

We therefore call on the Mayor and the Deputy Mayor to immediately:

1.     Release all information that you currently aware of in relation to the WHTNBL

2.     Advise the full details of all meetings held between the Premier and Ministers, and North Sydney Council regarding the WHTNBL

3.     Tell your Community where the smoke stacks will be. If you can guarantee where the stacks won’t be, then you must know where the stacks will be.

4.     Promise that if what you have guaranteed is untrue and the smoke stacks are to be located “near our local primary or secondary schools or in our precious St Leonards Park”, that both of you, Mayor and Deputy Mayor,  immediately resign for misleading your Community.

Yours faithfully,

North Sydney Residents Alliance