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This is the message we are trying to get out to the people of Townsville, in a VERY short timeframe. If you could assist by sending it on to your mailing list, of inserting it on your various online presences, this would be appreciated.

We require URGENT ASSISTANCE from the people of Townsville. I am the Chairman of the Woodstock Action Group Inc, recently formed as a result of undated letters local residents received from the Townsville City council, advising of their intention to change Lansdown Station (Woodstock/Calcium) from Rural zoning (the lowest) to High Impact Industrial (the highest classification of dangerous/toxic industry, generally); for example, the only current industry in the Townsville area in that classification is Yabulu QNI.

Our main concern and the one that would impact all Townsville is that Lansdown (Lansdown Creek), is in the headwater of the Ross River Dam catchment, Townsville’s main water supply; overland flows from there also go into the wetlands of national interest, at Serpentine Lagoon, which flows into the Ross River catchment, once the wetlands are full. Contamination would be a disaster.

High Impact Industrial designation means the contaminants may not be contained on-site, and require special controls. However, these controls are built to meet 'normal' weather, and their failure in unusual events is given an 'out' in legislation.

ANY contamination that impacts the main Townsville water supply (and the water supply into which the pumped water from the Burdekin scheme is also running), impacts the population; it would either require higher costs to filter the water, or simply make the water unfit for human consumption.

Such a high risk, even with low probability (if you believe the Government promises), means that should an incident occur in the future then Townsville may have to be abandoned as a functioning city, without adequate water. That will impact all of us.

Of course, from a local perspective, we see the placement on a high impact industrial site in the midst of a rural community, which relies on rainwater from rooves, and underground water from bores (the proposed site is extremely porous, on the sands of an old alluvial bed), as incompatible. The risks of the citing of this proposed zone are many.

There is also a risk to the Great Barrier Reef, as the Southern end of the proposed site lies within the Haughton River catchment, which empties into the Great Barrier Reef Lagoon.

We have until the 20th of December to lodge objections to this proposed amendment to town planning. You can lodge your objection by emailing

If you wish to help us fight this madness, you can email .(

Thank you.Chris Eastaughffe 07 47788970

        Supported by the Townsville Residents and Ratepayers Association 

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