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Support for a Ferret Friendly Culver City

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We need support for Ferret Legalization

We, the ferret owners all around California, and all over the world humbly and respectfully ask the city of Culver City to declare itself a Ferret Friendly City and publicly support the decriminalization of ferret ownership in California. 

We take this unusual step because no one in our state government (and this is a state issue) will give us assistance or explain the reason for banning domestic ferrets in the first place.

A Misdemeanor to own a ferret and a 30 year battle. 

Ferrets have been illegal in California since 1933. It is currently a misdemeanor carrying $1,000 fine, up to 6 months in jail and confiscation of the pet, to own a ferret throughout the state. For almost 30 years ferret owners in California have been working hard to legalize the domestic ferret. This house pet is currently legal in 48 states and none of these states report ferrets having an impact on the local wildlife

We have taken our issue to politicians on all levels and the Fish and Game Commission. We had hope that the new commission would support this obvious and logical issue. This year we pushed two petitions for regulation change which the Commission heard and rejected.  The first was to remove ferrets from the prohibited species list. When that was denied we requested that the Fish and Game Commission resume issuing permits for ferrets as they had done for neutered male ferrets prior to 1985. Fish & Game rejected both. 

For the past 13 years we have not been able to find a legislative sponsor. We have met many who are sympathetic to the cause but will not take on the issue.

People are still suffering from this law.

People can’t move to California if they have ferrets. This especially affects people in the military who get stationed at one of our many bases. 

Many don't feel safe getting legal medical care for their pets when they need it. 

There is a lot of stress owning this house pet in California. Ferret owners have to hide their pets from the Police, Fish & Game, and their neighbors. 

Certain security clearances, licenses & even foster parent status cannot be obtained if someone owns a ferrets.

All politics are local.

The city of Culver City can stand with La Mesa and make a very symbolic statement and perhaps get this in front of a legislator by declaring Culver City a Ferret Friendly City. 


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