Hold Barrie Police Accountable for Dunlop Street Brutality

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On Thursday February 4th on Douglas Street in Barrie Ontario at around 3:30pm an incident of police brutality occurred against a 20 year-old individual. The 20 year-old went through a red light on his skateboard and was given a ticket by an officer. Witnesses heard the individual ask the officer why he was still harassing him after he had already given him the ticket which then escalated into the incident. Disgusting and excessive force was used against the individual. Unfortunately this is not the first time the Barrie Police have been involved in an incident like this. On June 22nd 2018, Barrie Police subdued and repeatedly tasered Orlando Brown which caused him later to succumb to his injuries. All officers involved in the incident were acquitted. On November 10th in 2010 while bowling at the Bayfield Mall, Barrie Police were called after a styrofoam Christmas ornament was knocked over. This resulted in 25 year-old Jason Stern being unlawfully attested for public intoxication. A security video was later discovered that showed the officer physically attacking and punching Stern while he was cuffed and held down by two security guards. Given the results of these incidents, nothing will be different this time unless the community holds the police involved to account. Mayor of Barrie, Jeff Lehman, has stated that an investigation is to be done of the incident that took place February 4th on Douglas Street in Barrie Ontario but the community needs to take action and ensure this investigation has the right outcome. The officers involved need to be held accountable. Appropriate disciplinary actions need to be taken. The Barrie Police Department has abused their power and have betrayed the citizens they vowed to protect. TAKE THEIR BADGES!