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Mayor Jeff Lehman and Councillors of the City of Barrie, Ontario, Canada: Please Ban Exotic Animal Acts (ie. Circuses) from performing in your City.

Abusing and exploiting animals in the "name" of PROFIT is outrageous!
In order to get these animals to perform unnatural, painful, and stressful acts, trainers use blow torches, whips, shock them with taser guns and beat them with bullhooks, that are jabbed into their sensitive skin, on their thigh, behind their ears, even jabbing inside their mouths.
These Elephants, Tigers, Bears etc. endure severe confinement, hardship and brutality. Between acts these ENDANGERED SPECIES are kept chained up like bicycles or confined to cramped pens, which aren't large enough for them to turn around.
Dozens of Countries have Nation Wide Bans on Exotic Animals in Circuses. While Thousands of Municipalities and Cities World Wide have a Ban in place.
These Animals are Dangerous to the public.
The Shrine Circus announced that their new show coming to Ontario in 2013, includes "the Largest Cat Act in the World with 15 tigers". The day after their announcement, the Trainer of these CATS was killed by a Tiger in front of a Full Audience.
Please join the other Municipalities who share concern for the Public and Animal Welfare and stop these Groups from entering your jurisdiction.

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  • Mayor Jeff Lehman and Councillors of the City of Barrie, Ontario, Canada

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