Eliminate delivery of "free" newspapers/grocery flyers without express approval from you!

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All homeowners in Ontario have this problem. Grocery flyers, disguised as a newspaper, dropped somewhere near the street at every house in town.

We need to require Torstar and others to get our explicit approval to drop a paper on our driveways. Torstar needs to buy an annual delivery permit for each town and that cost should pay for recycling the next year's weight of dropped papers. Torstar needs to be fined $100 for every paper dropped without permission on file. The fine should DOUBLE for every subsequent delivery at that address.

I care because I see the wet papers on the walks and gutters all over town. I know many of my friends and family just toss them in the blue bin immediately. I care about our environment, and I know more trees means cleaner air.

In summary, Torstar and others get a free ride in their grocery flyer delivery businesses by dropping them off unsolicited, usually in an open top plastic bag generating MORE waste, and then your higher taxes pay to "recycle" them.

Millions of air filtering trees die every year, just to be recycled.

Since 2017, businesses cannot even send you an email without prior express approval, and they have to record and keep those approvals for inspection on demand.

But, all over Ontario, Torstar delivers 2 pounds of "emails" a week to hundreds of thousands of home. Imagine the pile of newsprint it consumes needlessly.

We can read the SAME newspapers on their web site more easily.

We can search ALL flyers for ANY product or brand in seconds at (CLICK) this link...  

We do not need unwanted newspapers telling thieves we are not at home this week... again.

Think of the waste, the cost of home robberies, higher taxes.

Please sign and circulate to anyone you know who hates these papers arriving uninvited. Call your Councillors and Mayors.


Thank you!