Say NO to Apartment Development in Aubrey TX (FM 1385 between ArrowBrooke and Winn Ridge)

Say NO to Apartment Development in Aubrey TX (FM 1385 between ArrowBrooke and Winn Ridge)

January 3, 2020
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Why this petition matters

Started by John Safar

As concerned citizens, we oppose this development for the following reasons:

1) We are concerned about this development project as it WILL NOT benefit the City of Aubrey or the surrounding neighborhoods. If this project goes through it will be a constant drain on city resources, a burden to our already overcrowded roads, as well as our schools due to an increase in residents that will not be paying city or county taxes.  FM 1385 is already overly congested and dangerous to enter/exit the road.  Adding more residents that will not contribute to our city/county taxes that assist with building our infrastructure is a bad idea.   

2) This proposed apartment complex development is also a major privacy concern for many homeowners since the project will likely be three to four story complex and placed right behind many homeowners backyards and property lines. People sitting on their balconies will be able to look right into tax-paying citizens backyards at any given time.  

3) This property is currently NOT zoned multifamily. Allowing this to be converted will result in a less diverse tax base for our city going forward. Losing what should be a prime property on a major thoroughfare is a long term LOSING idea for this city.

4) Constant noise and lighting resulting in nuisance to many homeowners and tax-paying citizens due to the proposed parking lot of this development backing up behind many tax-paying citizens homes. 

As residents of Aubrey Texas, we strongly urge you to vote against this Apartment Development. 


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Signatures: 608Next Goal: 1,000
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Decision Makers

  • Janet MeyersAubrey Mayor
  • Deborah GoinAubrey City Council
  • Gary HammettAubrey City Council
  • Oscar PearsonAubrey City Council
  • Dewayne BrawnerAubrey City Council