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Mayor Jackson,Chief of Police Lovett,City Council: We want answers NOW not political rhetoric.

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Our city of Savannah,Ga. is no longer safe for law abiding citizens, our children and elderly are being murdered. Home invasion,rapes,robberies and murder are the norm. Our city officials are pre-occupied with the city hall embarressment to care that our people are dying. The time for action is now ! We are tired of being victims, we are tired of the political rhetoric. Tourism dollars are the focus while blood is shed on the very streets in the lovely, southern brochures you pander to unknowing tourists. How many tourists have died as well ? United we can take our city back NOW !! Stand up Savannah and make our voices heard across this great country !! We must protect our children, our parents and neighbors NOW !

PLease note in the above video our Mayor fails to mention the words "DOWNTOWN SAVANNAH." Instead she refers to the increase in crime being in the "Southside" of our city and "other areas" . Why do you suppose she doesn't specifically mention the areas where the majority of the murders  and crimes are occuring ?  Those areas are downtown and mid-town  !  The very areas where our tourists ,families and children are drawn. This is the area where SCAD has brought the brightest of our youth to study from all over the world at it's   renowned school .  This is the area where law abiding, honest residents have  invested monies to open  businesses  to support their familes.  The truth is Mayor NO AREA of this city is SAFE any longer.  We'd like to know what steps are being taken to find Wesley Franklins murderer Mayor ? (Southside) Maybe the monies you are saving  with the departure of our city manager could be given to the Chief of Police to hire more officers to patrol our streets !  We will no longer accept bandaids on a city that's hemorraging with the blood of our children and familes  ! Mayor, Council, Judges, DA's office and Chief Lovett..We want action NOW !!

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