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The United States needs a nationwide de facto parent law!

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What is a de facto parent? A de facto parent is a person who has been found by the court to have “assumed, on day-to-day basis, the role of the parent, fulfilling both the child's physical and psychological need for care and affection, and who has assumed that role for a substantial period.” 

Did you know that only 7% of the LGBT population lives in states recognizing de facto parents and may grant them visitation, custody or full parenting rights? 57% of the LGBT population lives in states allowing limited recognition of de facto parents as a basis for visitation and/or custody. This leaves a large percentage of the LGBT community and others in unique family and parenting situations in a major gray area. 

People who have raised their children since the day they were born, people who have taken in children as their own and cared for them as such and people who were intended to be a child's other parent who were not allowed to be added to their child's birth certificate due to outdated laws, are left without any legal protection. Even people who are biologically related to these children are left without protection if their names are not on the birth certificate. 

A de facto parent law would offer legal protection to these parents. People become parents in many different ways. Any person who has acted as a parent to a child, regardless of whether there is a biological connection or not, should have a legal right to their children. These people ARE parents and deserve to be acknowledged as parents. 

Please help us make this a nationwide law. Now that the U.S. Supreme Court has passed the law for both partners of same-sex couples to be included on birth certificates, the de facto parent law needs to come next! For people who are no longer in a relationship with the partner they had a child with, this could be what makes all the difference for them and what reunites them with their children. Please help us bring these families back together!

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