Put a stop to WS Council opening our greenbelt. Protect our Environment

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W-Stouffville Council will ask province to “unlock” Greenbelt lands for their “economic potential”. Ontario PC Government introduced Bill 66, the Restoring Ontario’s Competitiveness Act. This includes significant water protection acts, most notably The Greenbelt Act - the world’s largest permanently protected green space.

Ontario’s proposed “Open for Business” legislation repudiates Premier Doug Ford’s promise not to touch the Greenbelt, threatens drinking water, undermines evidence-based city planning, and removes protection from toxics chemicals for Ontario residents. It takes us back 40 years and means the provincial government will become deeply involved in many individual development decisions.

The Walkerton tragedy occurred due to a lack of protections for our sources of drinking water. Seven people lost their lives. To make sure it never happened again, we developed source water protections but this Bill will give developers a pass on keeping drinking water safe.


New developments would be exempt from drinking water source protection plans, and could be built regardless of their risk to water. They’d be able to do the same for rules that protect our Great Lakes and Lake Simcoe from environmental damage.

At what cost? Please shut this council down and protect our environment over greed!