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The ‘Ecology and Landscapes Project’ which puts extreme restrictions on private property use and rights with the introduction of Significant Natural Areas (SNAs), and the proposed amendment to the District Plan.

Placing regulations on around 1,000 landowners, restricts use of private land. It penalises private landowners, and is the wrong policy tool. This approach is not necessary, and is neither efficient nor likely to be effective. Council officers have refused to consider alternative approaches to meet their obligations. are opposed to the current process and request an immediate discontinuation of this proposed amendment to the District Plan. The Mayor and Councillors have failed to fulfill their obligation of ensuring Council acts in an informed, considered, reasonable and respectful manner.

Mayor and Councillors, talk with the effected landowners.
Listen to our concerns.

Consider all options.
We would request a more effective and collaborative policy tools.

Personal story
The Lower Hutt Landowners Group are effected property owners who face a range of new and unknown constraints, prohibitions and impositions on the land. The Group represents, urban and lifestyle block owners as well as large station owners who have substantial proposed SNA areas on their land, which makes farming uneconomic. My property has a SNA which covers almost all of the land, approx. one acre coming up to 10m from our home. The only area not cover is the drive up to the house. Many others have similar coverage. Some members of our group have 70 to 80% of their land covered by SNAs which removes any economic value from their property. All costs such as fencing and pest control in the protection of SNAs Council imposed SNAs fall on the landowner, although Council officers are saying they will in some instances assist, but have given no guarantee. For me, the process is being unreasonable rushed. I believe landowners are the best custodians of their land.