Tell the City of Fort Pierce to protect the headwaters of the Indian River Lagoon!

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BHT Auto wants to locate a wrecked vehicle storage site at 3798 Selvitz Road, in Fort Pierce.  This would place wrecked vehicles which can leak gas, oil and other toxic chemicals, along the bank of 10 Mile Creek, a headwater stream of the Indian River Lagoon and upstream from numerous county preserves including the Oxbow Eco-center.  The property floods when it rains and the runoff is carried directly into 10 Mile Creek, which flows into the North Fork of St. Lucie River and then the Indian River Lagoon.  These water bodies are both designated as Aquatic Preserves!  This is not the kind of industry that we want along the bank of any waterway, let alone one that feeds our Aquatic Preserves!   
Sign this petition to tell the city of Fort Pierce to protect this stream from leaking, wrecked automobiles.   Wrecked vehicles, leaking fluids and our waterways should not be allowed to mix!