Allow Hammocks/Slack-lines in Logan UT

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Logan City has put up signs to inform people that hammocks and slack-lines are not permitted in City parks in accordance with Logan City Ordinance 12.12.140.

The justification for this, is that it can ruin the trees on public grounds. However, in the past 6 months Logan City has cut down trees and vegetation for seemingly no reason. The city government is not representing it's constitutes by barring fun recreational activities. If done properly and with the right equipment, hammocks and slack-lines can do virtually no damage to trees. We as a community are signing this petition to make our voices heard.

Common sense regulation and fines for people who actually hurt trees should be in place. But total restriction out of fear that a crime could happen is un-reasonable. The ordinance 12.12.140, is out dated and needs to be reformed immediately.

Sign this petition and share with your friends who love to hammock and slack-line in our beautiful parks!