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Help make sure these vigilantes, who think that they're above the law, stay behind bars, indefinite.

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Help keep these two killers locked up by showing support to the victims families, by signing this  petition.

These two shot and killed two unarmed men (Bill Koenig, Eric Hoffman) and shot and wounded one of the deceased victims, 9 month pregnant girlfriend, twice in the stomach, forcing Dr's to do an emergency c-section. 

Thankfully both mother and child are expected to live.

After shooting the two men, after a physical altercation that erupted after they shot and killed the victims dog, did they turned their gun on the pregnant girlfriend and shot her twice in the stomach. Then after shooting all three victims, multiple times each Cracraft, ran back into his residence, reloaded his firearm with a full extended mag. He then came out and pointed to the pregnant woman's belly again, yelling and hitting her throughout the face, head and stomach, chasing her to the street until she collapsed. Then he returned with his brother who was hitting and kicking one of he male victims (Lil Bill) who was already down from (but still alive, as seen in the security video) the previous, multiple gunshot wounds recieved, and started to shot him throughout the back of his body several more times while is brother England, continued his physical attack on the victim.

This was all caught on a video security system that was on the victims home, who lived just next door to their killers. The killers gave a complete different story and then started changing their story after this security video come about. They got into a confrontation over one of the killers who shot and killed the victims dog some three or four days prior when the victims, 32yr old Bill Koenig, and his cousin 21yr old Eric Hoffman, we're out of town working. Bill, and his long time girlfriend, victim 3, were only 10 day away from delivering their child,  as to where Eric, and his girlfriend had only delivered their son 2 months prior. 

Now both children will grow up without their fathers because,  a couple of pieces of crap with a gun and permitt thought that they were above the law and decided to go on a killing rampage. Let us make an example of these vigilantes and make sure they stay behind bars for the remainder of their lives or until the victims children get the chance to play with their fathers.              INDEFINATE. ..

All of this can be verified by any of the local news channel websites. As it happened Sunday, November 18th 2017. Around 4:30-5:00 p.m. It took some 3-3 1/2 hours to find and notify victim Eric Hoffman's, father and one of victim Bill Koenig's, sisters to tell them of the  tragedy and of their loss. Eric's, brother was enroute to pick him up and take him home to his girlfriend and new born son, and learned of his brothers fate, stuck one block away from the emergency crews vehicles, and over heard from a person passing by speaking the names of the victims. Help bring justice to the these souls who's families have suffered a grave tragedy and loss.

REST WELL IN HEAVEN FOR ETERNITY, as we know you will never have to suffer any kind of loss or broken heart.

Again I say this; no parent should ever have to stand above their child and say goodbye.   In God's name we pray that these families are able to recover as much as humanly possible, given what they have all just lost.  In God's name,  Amen.

CBS 4, WISH TV 8, FOX 59 and RTV 6

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