Deliver on the Wixams station now, it's been promised for nearly 10 years !

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The Wixams station was promised to be built by 2014.

Builders and the developer Gallaghers told us it would be built. We bought our homes on this promise, and nearly 7 years after I moved here still no station. I used to commute daily and then weekly to London, often from Flitwick and occasionally from Bedford.

According to Borough Councillor Graeme Coombes, the funding agreement with Gallaghers contributing £13m, expires next year. They can legally walk away, leaving us high and dry with no station, saving themselves £13m. A perverse incentive to do nothing to deliver on the station.

We call on the Mayor and local MPs to demand Gallaghers put these funds into an escrow account now, so it is locked in for the people of Wixams and its station.

If they do nothing, people from south of Bedford will either continue to fight the nightmare traffic to Bedford station in the mornings, with the lack of station parking and high train fares, or have to travel 10 miles to Flitwick Station with a slower service.

Gallaghers can blame others for the delays, such as Network Rail, and the rail operators, or the future  East West Rail link or East Midlands trains. The original agreement was to see East Midlands trains stop at Wixams too. Had this happened Bedford could have retained its Intercity express trains at least from Wixams.

Bedford Borough and Central Bedfordshire need to work together to direct CIL and S106 monies from the thousands of homes that have been built since the station was planned. The funding shortfall needs to be addressed urgently and we need the station to be delivered now.

You can reduce congestion in Bedford and Flitwick, get new platform capacity and additional car parking by delivering on something committed to in 1999 when the Wixams villages were approved.

Dave, pull your finger out. You lost the East Midlands trains on your watch, don't lose Wixams station too !

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