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Stop Race Trac Development on Towne Lake Parkway

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RaceTrac convenience store/gas station is requesting a rezoning  for the parcel of land located in the NE corner of Towne Lake Parkway, adjacent to Woodstock Parkway, Little John Lane and Sherwood Dr. to build a gas station and convenience store with access from Towne Lake Parkway and Little John Lane. Current zoning for the subject parcel is intended for residential office to provide a gradual transition from commercial to adjacent residential. Let it stand as originally conceived and reject this proposed rezoning. 

·        The frontage of this property faces Towne Lake Parkway, a two lane road at this site.  Traffic volume at this location has steadily increased over time and now, during peak commuting times, backups occur on Towne Lake at that light with a steady, unbroken traffic stream already causing delays.  Left hand turns into a gas station at his location would snarl traffic immeasurably. 

·        Westbound traffic on Towne Lake crest a hill just a few car lengths from the proposed entrance to the station.  With no visibility prior to cresting the hill a significant increase in traffic incidents will undoubtedly occur. Eastbound traffic on Towne Lake is already challenged trying to merge from turn lanes on the right onto the 2 lane parkway headed into town and any attempt to block the road (as in a left turn) will create a traffic morass.

·        Traffic along Woodstock Parkway is on the rise due to increased development and access to the Outlet Mall.  Turning onto Woodstock Parkway then attempting to bear right onto Sherwood Dr. in a few feet is already a challenge as inattentive drivers are just coming out of the turn from Towne Lake Parkway. 

·        Primrose School is adjacent to the subject property.  Children are ever present with buses and parents alike in and out of that location.  With buses it is impossible to pass now and with an access to this property on Little John that corner will be unmanageable from a traffic perspective and dangerous from a child/pedestrian perspective.  Drive by any day and note the significant number of cars already parking along Sherwood Dr. as they access the school and reduce already narrow road width.

·        The roads of Sherwood, Little John and eventually Rusk will see a high level of increased road trips as they become a commuter path to Rope Mill and beyond.  Unable to turn left from the proposed station onto Little John vehicles will turn right and clog Rusk St. in an attempt to avoid the problem created by this proposed land use.  None of those roads are wide enough to accommodate the traffic at hand much less the density they will see should a development such as this occur.  The loss of home values and peaceful enjoyment of their property is potentially devastating.

·        Across from this intersection is an abandoned gas station that could not survive at that location.  It, like this proposed RaceTrac had gas and a convenience store and yet was unable to sustain itself.  Within feet of this proposed site is an operational Shell station with a convenience store.  If 2 stations in close proximity could not survive before why would two this close now survive? 

·        The Shell does not have direct Town Lake Parkway access.  There is no doubt that the positioning of the RaceTrac would be more convenient access for most putting the viability of that business in jeopardy and therefore facing the very real possibility that we will soon have 2 shuttered gas stations across from each other.  It seems irrational to run one existing business owner providing the same service as a proposed owner next door out of business for no apparent reason.

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