Demilitarize Walnut Creek Police Response!

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Dear Walnut Creek Mayor Haskew, Chief Chaplin, City Council Members, City Attorney and City Manager,

•We object to the treatment of nonviolent protestors at the June 1, 2020 demonstrations in Walnut Creek and demand an immediate end to the use of military and escalatory tactics by the Walnut Creek Police Department.

•We oppose the use of military vehicles, rubber bullets, police dogs and tear gas, as  these tactics are  inconsistent with our community values.

•Tear gas is banned under international law for use in war, due to its dangerous health effects (which include death, lung disease,  and now include fostering the spread of Covid-19). The use of tear gas, rubber bullets, military vehicles, police dogs and other aggressive and escalatory tactics hold an ugly place in the history of the suppression of the civil rights movement. They are unacceptable in policing peaceful petitioners seeking racial justice and criminal justice reform.

•We demand that the WCPD effective immediately use only nonviolent, de-escalatory responses to peaceful demonstrators, to calls for mental health support, and to other non-violent events, and that it require the same of its partners.

•We call for the city management to enact policies to ban the use of these weapons of war against peaceful demonstrators, as well as in other non-violent calls for police support or actions.

•We call for the City Council to pass a resolution enacting a ban on military tactics and equipment. We call for discussion and action on this matter by the City Council on June 16, 2020.

•We oppose the militarization of the WCPD. Thank you for your prompt action on this issue.