No DOT cop in the village of Florida

No DOT cop in the village of Florida

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Mayor Harter Police chief Coleman

Why this petition matters

Started by Dustin Forzono

A community that is only 5.5 square miles . chock full of thriving businesses that are ran by great people. Houses full of blue collar workers,could suddenly be brought down by 1 bad decision.

The Mayor Mr.Harter and Jimmy Coleman chief of police along with the board , decided to hire Felix oresto a retired dot cop from Warwick. Felix has a long history of harassing local businesses with and obnoxious amount of bs tickets constantly . Having him in town is going to make business hard for our local contractors , landscapers and truck drivers.  No trucks from out of town want to come in to town already businesses like quick check , pizzerias , central deli are going to lose hundreds of customers . Our community is full of farms , full of trucks and plenty of people that live here work in the industry . Do we really want our friends and their friends being harassed by a police officer that’s paid by US? 

this is going to do nothing but bring in more money for the village by policing for profits . Harassing local commercial business owners and chasing customers away from retail stores.   

I am writing this petition to bring it to the attention of the Mayor and chief of police that , WE THE PEOPLE do not approve of their decision of having a dot cop in town. we do not want people who are trying to make a living getting harassed on our streets by a cop on our tax payroll.

This is our village and they need to know that!


47 have signed. Let’s get to 50!