Replace all five members of Pensacola's Downtown Improvement Board

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Just a year after their last anti-panhandling ordinance was repealed after an ACLU lawsuit, Pensacola's five-member Downtown Improvement Board wants to spend $35,000 on an out-of-town lawyer known for drafting "court-proof" anti-panhandling laws.

This as the DIB's mismanagement of downtown parking is at an all-time high!

Citizens are tired of pointless and expensive legal battles. It's time to address the root causes of panhandling and poverty instead of trying to just sweep the issue out of sight.

It's clear that the DIB's priorities are hopelessly out of whack, and it's time for Mayor Grover Robinson and the Pensacola City Council to replace all five members of the DIB — and hopefully take this opportunity to make the board more representative of Pensacola.