Vancouver Mayor Robertson Should Resign

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As students of Canada's Constitution we can say that the gist of this document is to keep law and order and prevent lawless actions, especially mass action such as riots and armed rebellion. On April 20, 2018 we experienced what should be called an institutionalized riot given a free pass by those in positions of authority whose first job it is to protect the people from lawless behaviour. The so-called 4/20 organizers failed to obtain permission from Vancouver Parks Board to hold their 2018 marijuana protest event at Sunset Beach Park, but they decided to go ahead anyway because they knew that the authorities would not intervene. In fact, the authorities including Vancouver Police cooperated with the organizers all the way starting the evening of April 19 when the installation at Sunset Beach Park commenced.

This is a free country. We believe in the freedom of choice. We do not care at all what people smoke or what they do with their brains as long as they do this in their own space without trespassing on the rights of their fellow citizens. An estimated 5000 residents live in the immediate vicinity of Sunset Beach Park. Yes, we did expect some respect from these people who purport to be an enlightened bunch out to enlighten the rest of us on merits of the weed. On April 20 when the live music from their high-bass band reached outrageous proportions and we thought it would shatter our windows, we called the police. To our disbelief we were told "What can the police do to thousands of people?" Thanks to irresponsible politicians we are now living in a Third World country pretending to be a developed country of law and order.

When the Parks Board refused to license this event it was incumbent on the Mayor to enforce this decision, if only as a matter of respect for the law. Section 208 of the Vancouver Charter states that "The Mayor shall be vigilant and active at all times in causing the law for the government of the city to be duly enforced and obeyed..." His Worship did not hesitate to use the police when he closed off Point Grey Road to traffic because he lived there and it bothered him.

With all due respect to His Worship, Mayor Gregor Robertson should resign for gross negligence and dereliction of duty.

As the source of municipal authority in British Columbia the Provincial Government also has a responsibility to uphold the law and ensure that such lawlessness will not be repeated or tolerated. It is actually provincial law that prohibits smoking in parks.