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My family is buried in St Stephens cemetery and in light of the recent problems we as a group have decided that someone needs to take a stand for our family that has passed and can't speak for themselves. Many of us have had problem's with the caretaker and the board for up to 20 years.  We are missing loved ones, headstones that have been paid for not yet placed and broken headstones from the lawnmower. Many of us have been fighting to get answers from the caretaker and the board but we have not been able to get not one answer. The caretaker destroyed several grave's which caught the attention of the media and hopefully opened up a door to get a law passed to protect the ones we have laid to rest from this type of abuse. We are pushing for a law to be passed that would able a warrant to be issued for the arrest of anyone that destroys graves, frauds family's in their time of mourning, abuse of a corpse (multiple bodies in one grave), falsifying records, vandalism of headstones and embezzlement. The caretaker has done all of the above and is still allowed to walk free while we the family's are left with destroyed graves, destroyed headstones, missing headstones, missing family members and unanswered questions. We are left to lay awake at night wondering where our mother, brother, son, father, sister, daughter and so on is at and are they at peace or are they tormented and lost. There must be a law passed to protect those who can't.... the laws are so old that people get away with this way to often. Thank you to everyone who has been supporting and continue to support fighting for the deceased. 


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