Sudbury needs to Plow in front of schools!

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Schools are where our children go every day; some walk, some take the bus.  That area is chaotic at best, and it is important that there are safe pathways for the children to go on.  This year, at St. James school in Lively, it became clear that the city was no longer plowing the sidewalk in front of the school.  This made for extremely dangerous conditions, putting the children at real risk of falling into the path of buses and cars.  

Since complaints started coming in at St. James, they have done a partial fix, but have been using a backhoe that leaves a slope towards the buses, a mess that intereferes with the buses themselves, or other inadequate measures.  The sidewalk needs to be made level, and as clear as any other sidewalk in Sudbury.

But this isn't a problem for just St. James.  The city should properly clear the sidewalk in front of all schools in the region. We should not have to wait for the unthinkable to happen, all to save a few bucks.

Council has apparently passed a policy to do more, but it won't happen until November 2017.  That's not enough, and it's not enough to do a poor quality job with inappropriate equipment in the mean time.

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