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Petitioning Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Victor Hoskins and 2 others

Mayor Gray: Provide Subsidy for Jubilee Housing to Develop Parcel 42


Tell the DC Government that Jubilee Housing is the best choice to develop affordable housing in Shaw!

We the undersigned call on Mayor Gray:
1.To select Jubilee Housing as the developer for Parcel 42.
2.To provide the subsidy needed for Jubilee Housing to provide 40 units for households making $40,000 or less a year.

The DC government will soon select one developer to develop Parcel 42, located at 7th and R St NW. I support One DC's endorsement of Jubilee Housing as the developer for Parcel 42 because their proposal is the one that calls for the HIGHEST NUMBER of affordable housing units--40% of the units they propose will be for individuals and families making less than $45,000/year, allowing longtime DC residents, young families, and working youth to stay in this neighborhood.

While the city claims it cannot support affordable housing developments, in recent years, the city approved $5 million per year in tax breaks for market-rate housing developments in NoMa, right next to Shaw! To top it off, included in the city's projects are a $5 million subsidy to Forever 21 and a $2.9 million subsidy to H&M. The city claims that DC residents can afford to subsidize clothing stores and market-rate housing, but somehow there is no money to build 40 affordable units?! There is no excuse to not provide Jubilee with a subsidy!

Letter to
Deputy Mayor for Economic Development Victor Hoskins
DC Mayor Mayor Gray
Ward 6 Councilmember Tommy Wells
I just signed the following petition addressed to: DC Mayor, Ward 6 Councilmember, and Deputy Mayor of Economic Development.

The District of Columbia is becoming not ONE city but the tale of two cities: one increasingly affluent and welcomed; the other increasingly impoverished and displaced.

In the last ten years, DC lost over half of its low-cost rental units; over 25,000 DC residents are on the Section 8 waiting list, and the typical low-income resident spends more than 63 percent of their income on housing. Meanwhile, the District has seen an overdevelopment of high luxury apartment complexes and condominiums aimed at one economic class.

We call for equitable development in the use of subsidies for affordable housing. Claims that there is no money to subsidize affordable housing are contradicted by $5 million per year in tax breaks for market-rate housing developments in NoMa, a $5 million subsidy to Forever 21, and a $2.9 million subsidy to H&M.

If the city pushes for a service economy driven mostly by hospitality & retail industries, then the city must also invest in developing housing that matches the wages of the residents that work for them.

We demand that Mayor Gray’s administration prioritize the needs of current residents over the needs of future residents. Money needs to be invested into low-cost affordable housing because students, recent college graduates, single parents with children, senior citizens on a fixed income, and workers on low wages all deserve to be able to live here too!

As residents, we are aware and are making our perspectives clear. Over 850 signatures supported tiered, affordable housing in Shaw for households earning less than $50,000 a year, and now we will be clear about which developer will meet our urgent need.

We petition for the Pounds/Jubilee Housing proposal, which calls for the HIGHEST NUMBER of affordable housing units of any proposal, to be selected to develop Parcel 42. Such an action would provide a tangible and trustworthy commitment by the city government to truly living the values of One City: a city that is economically inclusive, diverse, and equitable.

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