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Keep Midland Hydro (MPUC) Local!


Midland Council has decided to put our Midland Public Utility Corporation (MPUC), our locally-owned and operated hydro distributor, on the market.  The Town of Midland has decided that now is the time to explore a potential sale (in full or in part) of its lucrative power distribution business.

MPUC pays Midland annual dividends in excess of $400,000 to the town as the only shareholder.  

Locally Owned - Locally Operated - We Keep 100% Of The Profits

This is Midland's asset.  It is a well-run, profitable, efficient organization that has served us with excellence with no reason to believe that will change if kept intact.

This is just another town asset that faces liquidation and extinction under this slash/cut Council.

If you want to keep Midland PUC local and have Council take it off the market, sign this petition and we will present it to Council on your behalf.  

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