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Alice Bravo was appointed Director of Miami Dade Transit (MDT) in July 2015. Since that time, MDT has experienced more frequent and longer service interruptions on Metrorail, Metromover and buses. On a daily basis, Metrorail passengers experience wait times of 10 minutes or longer during peak hours. Metrorail cars break down regularly due to lack of maintenance. Passengers are packed into Metrorail cars like sardines. AC on Metrorail cars never work which is especially unbearable during Miami's hot and humid days.  

MDT ridership has continuously decreased as passengers have opted to use cars instead of public transportation due to MDT's unreliability. Employers are growing increasingly frustrated with tardy employees. Escalators go weeks without being fixed. Elevators are regularly out of service at multiple Metrorail and Metromover stations which hinders the ability of those who are handicapped to use and rely on MDT. Alice Bravo states that the goal is to make Miami Dade car optional. MDT's continuous, unresolved issues will not entice residents to use MDT and make Miami Dade car optional.  

Since 2015, MDT's services have been deteriorating with no solutions implemented to correct the problems. There is a lack of honest communication. We've been told that new Metrorail cars are coming but we have yet to see one. We've been told that 2 Metrorail cars will be in service in November but they will not solve the problems. We will still have old, broken down Metrorail cars in operation though 2018. We've also been told that 300 new buses have been purchased but MDT will not tell us when they will be in service.    

It's time for Alice Bravo to step down and be replaced by a new, motivated Director who will make an effort to increase ridership, decrease service interruptions and honestly and effectively communicate with passengers.

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