Fire Racist, Hate-Instigating Lyndhurst Auxiliary Officer AYMAN AWWAD

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Fire Racist, Hate-Instigating Lyndhurst Auxiliary Officer AYMAN AWWAD

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Aron Gordon started this petition to Mayor Giangeruso & Residents of Lyndhurst and

Mayor Giangeruso, Commissioners, Residents of Lyndhurst : 

AYMAN AWWAD - a Lyndhurst  Auxiliary Police Officer - has been regularly putting up public posts in his Facebook page, for over past year, that are RACIST, that INCITE hate against Jews, Hindus, Christians, "White people", many times using completely fake claims, posts that have strong potential of RADICALIZING & INSTIGATING HATE in Muslim men (hundreds of who follow his posts being his FB Friends), against different people, races, religions and nations. It is such online instigation that ends up radicalizing some, POTENTIALLY CREATING TERRORISTS.

Dec 21 : NJ's largest Newspaper 'The Record' covers this petition :

UPDATE : Dec 18 : See comments left by many signers :

See a list of some of Ayman's posts here :

Ayman was investigated by town officials in 2016 for such posts, but he was let off with a warning, without being fired. After staying silent online for a few months, Ayman renewed his racist, hate-promoting, inflammatory & instigating posts. 

screenshots of all of the below can be seen here :

- Post claiming ‘Jews’ are killing Palestinians. 
- Post claiming ‘Jews’ are imitating Nazis.
- Post claiming Israel is using Nuclear weapons in Gaza.
- Post expressing love & support for leader of US designated Terror group (HAMAS)
- Post claiming ‘Hindus’ are persecuting Rohingya Muslims.
- Post showing a baby being crushed to death under someone’s feet, falsely claiming this is the fate of Muslim children - a clear attempt at inflaming rage and hate among Muslims. 
- Post (falsely) claiming Burmese are killing and “eating” Muslims.
- Post (falsely) claiming Burmese are burying alive scores of Muslim men, women & children.
- Post showing children hung to death, claiming these are Muslim children being murdered (false)
 + countless more disturbing, dangerous, sick, hate-instigating posts.

see screenshots of each of the above here :

Many posts were deleted or removed by Facebook and are no longer on his page. However, they were seen by hundreds of people, including town officials.

This is a dangerously disturbed man, openly putting up racist posts, posts instigating and potentially radicalizing muslims. Lyndhurst Residents, Do you want such a man  guarding your schools, parks, streets, events, and your children?

We urge you to do the right thing. 

Apart from signing this petition, please email Lyndhurst Mayor Giangeruso at :

CC your emails to :,,, 

Phone :
Town Clerk : (201) 933-4576
Mayor’s Office : (201) 804-2457 Ext : 2685

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This petition had 987 supporters