Fire Racist, Hate-Instigating Lyndhurst Auxiliary Officer AYMAN AWWAD

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Newspaper "the Record" covers the petition. Township Attorney gives strange statement.

Great News : The petition got coverage in the newspapers : , The Record & The South Bergenite. See : Strange News : The response by the Lyndhurst Township attorney, Mr. Carmine Alampi , has been strange, shocking and disgusting. Mr.Alampi alluded that Ayman Awwad has 1st amendment right to post any racist garbage that he likes, and the town will simply look away. He further indicated that as long as Ayman's posts - no matter how disgusting or racist - do not affect "his job, his performance or department" then he will not be fired or even reprimanded in any manner. Please read the article and read all the comments and details. We need people to email the mayor & township expressing disgust at their attitude. Email mayor at :, CC to the news reporter : Please share the petition and ask your friends & family to sign, and leave comments too. Also, if they can, please ask them to email the Mayor. Thank You.

Aron Gordon
4 years ago