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We don't need beach security guards! Let's spend the $138,000 of our taxpayer dollars elsewhere, or not spend it at all!


In March 2012, our Cocoa Beach City Commissioners approved city ordinance 1545.  In summary, this ordinance enacted over 15 new beach laws and established the Beach Ranger program to enforce those laws.  Many of these new laws are absurd and unfriendly toward our citizens and visitors.  No feeding the birds, no digging holes, no tents next to each other, no "dangerous" activities, no grills larger than 2 feet by 2 feet etc.  Not only are these new laws unfriendly, they are NOT published anywhere at the beach, so the first time people learn about these laws is when Beach Rangers approach them on the beach and threaten to fine them if they don't stop doing whatever the rangers don't like.  This is extremely unfriendly and unfair.  Imagine lugging your grill and all its accessories, food, coolers, chairs, tents down to the beach as you have done numerous times in the past, only to be told that you can't grill on the beach AFTER you've put all your meat on the grill?  And here's the kicker - if you disobey the Ranger's "reasonable command" to stop, you'll have the police called and be hit with a second degree misdemeanor, a trespass warning good for up to 2 years, and a $500 fine.

You read that correctly - disobey a Beach Ranger and they can ban you from the beach for up to 2 years!


We seek to overturn city ordinance 1545 in its entirety and return Cocoa Beach to a more friendly atmosphere; free of Beach Rangers, absurd laws, and draconian enforcement measures.

Please read the ordinance for more information.

4 of the 5 seats for City Commissioner are up for grabs in the November 6th election.  Let's make our voices heard.  Please spread the word!

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Letter to
Mayor Dr. Leon "Skip" Beeler
Commissioner Ken Griffin
Commissioner Kevin S. Pruett
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Commissioner Skip Williams
Vice-Mayor Dave Netterstrom
I just signed the following petition addressed to: City of Cocoa Beach.

Please Get Rid of the Beach Rangers!

City Ordinance 1545 is unacceptable. It created 15 new beach laws, Beach Rangers to enforce those laws, and excessive punishment for violation of those laws.

Some of the laws are absurd. Here's an example:
(1) To refrain from engaging in any activity or to act in any way which is likely to cause endangerment to himself or others.

Just what is a dangerous activity? Handstands, cartwheels, backflips, wrestling?

(4) To cease digging holes or tunnels in the sand to the extent it endangers the safety of the person(s) digging or tunneling, or the safety of others.

And just what is a dangerous hole? Is it 6" deep, or is it a foot deep?

These two laws are vague and subject to interpretation. Vague laws empower enforcers to selectively target and punish specific groups of people. This opens to door to racial discrimination, or the targeting of "undesirables".

The mere presence of the Beach Rangers on the beach creates a hostile environment and drive away tourists and pester locals.

Please repeal 1545 now, and make Cocoa Beach friendly and Beach Ranger free!



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