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We, the undersigned, want to change Columbus Day to Indigenous People's Day because we believe that Native Americans are not being recognized for founding America. Christopher Columbus came to America and brought diseases such as, mumps, measles, and chickenpox. Columbus enslaved Native Americans and stole their belongings. The Native Americans were put through harsh conditions because of all of the new people coming in. Columbus’s men forced Native Americans to convert to Christianity, and Native Americans were sent back to Europe to be used as slaves for the Highnesses. Not only did Columbus bring diseases, he and his men provided no treatment for the Native Americans when they contracted these diseases.

Overall, Columbus was a disgusting man. His journal is evidence of his brutal and inhumane treatment of Native Americans. For example, he stated, “They would make fine servants….With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.” Also, one of Columbus' men explained how he raped a Native American lady. This is what he said, “While I was in the boat, I captured a very beautiful Carib woman, whom the said Lord Admiral gave to me. When I had taken her to my cabin she was naked—as was their custom. I was filled with a desire to take my pleasure with her and attempted to satisfy my desire. She was unwilling, and so treated me with her nails that I wished I had never begun. But—to cut a long story short—I then took a piece of rope and whipped her soundly, and she let forth such incredible screams that you would not have believed your ears.” Therefore, Columbus Day should be changed to  Indigenous Peoples´ Day so we can recognize the real founders of this land rather.

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