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Allow Urban Chickens in Ankeny Iowa

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This petition is for Ankeny, Iowa residents to show their interest or support in favor of keeping chickens (6 hens) on our residential property. 

Last year I was faced with being forced to remove my chickens from my property as my "lovely" neighbor reported my garden and chickens to the city. Thankfully, I am permitted to have my garden but unfortunately my family had to part with our six smallest family members.

After approaching the Ankeny City Council with intentions to propose an Urban Chicken Policy they turned me away and Mayor Gary Lorenz was gracious enough to let me discuss the issue with him. Mayor Lorenz listened to my proposal but in the end he simply stated that there isn't enough interest in Ankeny for people to keep chickens so he wouldn't consider it realistically. 

This is our opportunity to support each other in the pursuit of healthy living. Keeping chickens isn't about saving money, or being cheap. Its about providing our family with fresh eggs that are from a source we know and trust. Its about giving our gardens compost that will yield beautiful fruits and vegetables! Most of all its about our freedom to choose if we want to raise a few hens on our property!

The proposal is as follows for addition to the Ankeny Municipal Code Chapter 55 section 5:

·         Up to six (6) chickens may be kept on lots with a single family residence as the primary use. No chickens shall be allowed on townhouse, duplex, condominium, apartment or manufactured housing park properties.

·         (b) Only hens, no roosters shall be kept.

·         (c) No slaughter of chickens for consumption or otherwise shall occur on the property. Chickens shall be kept for domestic purposes and no commercial activity such as the selling of eggs or chickens for meat, shall be permitted.

·         (d) Chickens shall be provided with a covered, predator-proof shelter that is thoroughly ventilated, provides adequate sun, shade, protection from the elements and is designed to be easily accessed and cleaned. Such structures shall not be located in the front or side yards.

·         (e) Shelters, pens, coops, or cages shall not be located within the required building setbacks and shall be a minimum of twenty-five (25) feet away from any neighboring residence or place of business.

·          (f) Shelters, pens, coops, or cages shall be kept in a sanitary condition at all times, and must be cleaned on a regular basis so as to prevent odors perceptible at the property boundaries. All feed for the chickens shall be kept in a secure container or location to prevent the attraction of rodents and other animals.

·         (g) No person shall store, stockpile or permit any accumulation of chicken litter and waste in any manner whatsoever that, due to odor, attraction of flies or other pests, or for any other reason diminishes the rights of adjacent property owners to enjoy reasonable use of their property.

·         (h) Any person wishing to keep chickens pursuant to this section shall first obtain a permit. Applications for such permit shall be obtained from the Treasurer for the City of Ankeny upon payment of an application fee of $25.00.

·         (i) Violation of any provision of this section may result in the revocation of the permit if, after the investigation it is determined that the permittee has not complied with the provisions of this section or has been convicted of two or more violations of this sections. Residential chicken-keeping operations shall be subject to periodic inspection to assure compliance with the performance standards established in this section. Any City of Ankeny Officials are authorized to inspect the shelter, pen, coop or enclosure without prior notice, to determine that it is adequately maintained in a clean and sanitary manner and ensures the security of the chickens. (j) No chicken kept pursuant to the terms of this section shall be deemed a companion animal for the purpose of a determination that any dog attacking is a dangerous dog.

·         (k) A violation of any provision of this section shall be punishable by a fine of not less than two hundred and fifty dollars ($250.00).

·         All pursuits of this exemption must comply with the Code of Iowa, Sec. 717B.3, Animal Neglect.

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