Car Free Weekend in Newton, MA

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We are fourth graders at Mason-Rice Elementary School, and we want to help save the environment! The reason we want to have a car free weekend in Newton, MA, is because we want to raise awareness of global warming and make people feel like they are making a difference. 

Our goal is to send this petition to Mayor Fuller to try to get Newton to promote a car free weekend in our city, hopefully in early 2021. 

We know some people would still have to use cars to get to jobs and other important things. We hope that many people will choose not to use their cars during that weekend unless they have to.

A car free weekend would not only reduce pollution, but it could also be a lot of fun. Take out your scooter! Ride your bike! Walk your dog! Take a family walk! Have a quiet picnic with your family and listen to the sound of nature instead of noisy car engines! This will all be possible because it's a car free weekend! Take advantage of no traffic jams and ride your bike in the street without having to worry about the cars. 

Plus you get to experience a little part of life 100 years ago! Imagine what it was like to live in Newton when the carriage lane was actually for carriages! 

Thank you for signing our petition.


Daria and Martina