Free Lawrence Andrew Easter III

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Lawrence Andrew Easter III is currently incarcerated in the Greensville Correctional Facility in Jarrett, Virginia. In 2003 Lawrence was convicted of forge checks, and uttering checks. Lawrence made a bad judgment call in his actions as well as in his choice of partners at that time. He was given a "good behavior order" and ordered to not commit another crime for 10 years. Since 2003, Lawrence has made more bad judgment calls that have bought him face to face in the court of law in traffic court. In 2016 Lawrence was caught speeding in Virginia and also received an additional charge of Eluding which he was not guilty of.  Although he did indeed break the traffic law of Virginia by speeding he did not attempt to elude the police officer during this incident. His legal representation coerced him into pleading guilty without explaining to him that it would activate the time that he was given in 2003 under violating the "good behavior clause of his sentence for the forgery felony. Lawrence is a gay, black male that has made more than a few bad judgments in his life. Before he was incarcerated he met the love of his life of 4 years James Wright, a very popular business owner in North Carolina. Lawrence has made great efforts in changing his life and becoming a model citizen of his community in NC. He has a 17-year-old daughter and allot of family and friend support. Because of his poor representation, he is now serving as almost 10-year sentence both for the traffic violation that he did commit and the eluding charge that he did not commit. In 2003 under his "Good Behavior clause" he could not commit any more crimes so his 2003 conviction of 10 years was activated.  We believe that the system failed him because of his race and sexuality. He admits to all of his bad judgment calls but does not want to do such a long time for a crime that he did not commit. We are asking that he is released from prison with a very strict penalty if he breaks any type of law again whether criminal or traffic. We are asking that the state allows him to do his time in the state of NC where his fiance and child reside so that he is able to continue working, receive therapeutic assistance, and rebuild his life in a positive direction. Although we are not discounting his previous bad decisions. Lawrence was never committed any violent, or sexual charges.  Please help us bring him home