Change the Farm Cart Bylaw in Saanich BC

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The Farm Cart located at 2825 Heath Drive has been given 30 days' notice by the District of Saanich to cease and desist retail sales from this location on the boulevard/driveway.   

The cancellation of events and weddings for the foreseeable future in BC and around the world has created a real hardship for me and my business due to the loss of event work and revenue that this brings in.  This stand has become a new source of much-needed income for our family while becoming a safe destination for neighbours and community members to shop in the outdoors while maintaining social distancing and bringing beauty and light into the lives of many with “floral hugs” that can be shared, while real ones cannot. 

In this time of uncertainty, with the world adapting to issues brought on by Covid-19 people are more interested than ever in the source of the products they purchase as well as food security and making an impact on our carbon footprint.  This flower stand, which started as a result of  Covid-19, as a way to disburse free flowers and save them from the compost bin, when I thought I would be shuttering the business, grew from that into a thriving flower stand offering a safe, contact-free place to purchase flowers and plants in our community.  I think it is time for this bylaw to change for the better, allowing small business to pivot and flourish in our challenging economy.