Create "Devan Selvey Memorial Park" to Help Stop Bullying Everywhere!

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Bullying is a universal problem, up to and including spousal abuse. This recommended park name change initiative would herald a universal cry to stop it in all its forms, everywhere. 

14-year-old Devan Selvey was murdered by his teenage bullies outside his high school near Hamilton's Parkdale Park, (named after its adjacent street).

We propose Hamilton, Ontario's Mayor and Council change the park's name to Devan Selvey Memorial Park.

This memorialization could become Hamilton's universal initiative, in many ways, to help curb much bullying and save other Victims of all abuses.

Bullying affects people worldwide and the City of Hamilton could take the lead in curbing it, not only at the adolescent level, but also what bullying so often later manifests: spousal abuse, child abuse, etc.

Imagine the planning that could result. The Mayor or his annual Representative could hold an annual tree planting, on say Devan's birthday, to constantly refresh all Peoples EVERYWHERE the heinous damages bullying causes.

Imagine, for example, if there was a "Time Out Corner" ... a place where teachers, parents, guardians and friends could take bullies to chat with them, explain the park's name, and maybe turn them around. Interventions do work.

There's probably no end to the ideas such a name change would inspire to help curb much bullying of all kinds, EVERYWHERE.

Let's do this!