Petition to City of Miami: #Justice4François Alexandre!

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François Alexandre is the visionary CEO of Konscious Kontraktors, a vital kommunity leader, a father, a husband, and our family. Seven years ago, June 21st, 2013, François Alexandre was viciously and brutally beaten by City of Miami police right in front of his home for protekting a woman who was ferociously knocked down and choked after the Miami Heat Championship game, as seen in this video. This assault was led by now Kaptain Javier Ortiz along with 8 other officers. Ortiz is an officer with a long trak record of civilian komplaints, violent and excessive abuse on women and minorities. 

To: Mayor Francis Suarez, Chairman kommissioner; Keon Hardemon, Vice-Chairman Kommissioner Ken Russell, kommissioner Alex Diaz de la Portilla, Kommissioner Joe Carollo, kommissioner Manalo Reyes, City Attorney Victory Méndez, City of Miami Police Chief R. Jorge Colina, and State Attorney Katherine Fernandez Rundle  

We want & demand

  • a komplete detailed investigation of what happened to Francois Alexandre on the night of June 21, 2013. 
  • that François Alexandre be given a publik apology from the city government and be fully compensated monetarily for physical, psykhological, and emotional damages he has suffered at the hands of the city of Miami police. 
  • Kaptain Javier Ortiz immunity status is revoked, along with the rest of the officers, and he is put back on François’s Alexandre lawsuit.
    that the State Attorney of Miami Dade kounty bring kriminal charges of attempted murder of François Alexandre by City of Miami Police. 
    that all Officers involved and the supervisor in charge be charged kriminally and held monetarily liable for this violation against kruel & unusual punishment.
  • elimination of the use of excessive force on non combative arrestee in the City of Miami, Miami Dade Kounty and the State of Florida. "Getting arrested does mean getting your face beat in or any type of physical abuse".
  • that the City of Miami Civilian Investigative Panel be fully funded and have subpoena power to hold officers in Kontempt when they do not show up in front of the board. To also have an akountability scale system in place when it komes to the number of komplaints filed against any officer. 
  • that the Police Department budget be reallokated  and use the money to kreate groups and edukational spaces to advance the konversation on the use of excessive force. The money kan be used to help heal the kommunity from the trauma of our dealing with Law Enforcement.

As a Miami area resident, I demand #Justice4Françios!