VOTE NO to 1​.​25% Fullerton Sales Tax Increase!

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The Fullerton City Council wants to hike your taxes--again! The City has already increased your water rate by a whopping 29% since June 2019, and now they want to raise our sales tax, too. 

The 1.25% sales tax increase would raise approximately $25 million per year. This sales tax measure will go directly into the city’s General Revenue Fund although they want you to believe the money is earmarked for community services, street repair, or emergency response, there is NO guarantee how the funds will be used. The title of the measure is misleading!

Here's what they aren't telling you:

  1. Sales tax is a regressive tax, which means that it disproportionately hurts the working poor and elderly. They cannot as easily afford the tax increase.
  2. Sales tax is volatile. When a recession comes, the sales tax revenue will go down, but rarely do city expenses. Ask the Mayor how many city employees earn over $100,000.
  3. The city has closed DOWN the Fullerton Museum Center but is planning to spend $125,000 to hire a firm to "educate" citizens on the need for a tax increase; regardless that it’s a felony to use public money for a “purpose not authorized by law.” (Penal Code 424(a)(2)). The law, AB-195, Elections Code 13119(a), (b), and (c), Elections Code 9051(c) via Elections Code 10403(a)(2), and the California Supreme Court (Stanson v. Mott and others) all “prohibit” using the ballot (paid for with public money) to promote a measure.
  4. There is no "sunset clause" on this tax hike. Once it's here, it is here forever.  If they were serious about fixing streets they would have designated the funds and only charged the tax for a limited period of time.
  5. This measure is a WASTE of City Council time and city resources.  Of the 293 total California local measures in the last election, 237 (81%) were bond or tax measures.   The majority were defeated because taxpayers understand there is only so much that can be given (taken) to the government from each household.
  6. Since 2011, Fullerton sales tax revenues have increased by 51.1% and property tax revenue has increased by 52.6%. Instead of using the increased revenues on roads and infrastructure, police expenses have risen by 41.2%; fire by 55.3%. Yet, our population has increased by 2.5%.
  7. In 2019, the average public employee pension paid was $95,216; totaling $43,323,672, which grows every year.  We need to demand better strategies!
  8. If approved, the local tax rate will be the SECOND-LARGEST sales tax at 9.00% in Orange County making businesses less competitive and encouraging citizens to shop in nearby cities.
  9. From 2015 to 2016, the City repeatedly ignored warnings from residents about our fiscal health and approved over $19 million in pay increases to city employees; now our city has 146 employees making over $200,000 per year in pay and benefits.

Say NO to the City Council’s latest attempt to further collect an estimated $25 million+ from Fullertonians!  Don't let them take another bite out of your household's wallet!


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