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Erect a Golden Statue of Gen. William T. Sherman by Murfreesboro Courthouse

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As a true, red-blooded American, I am all for preserving our nation's rich history with statues, however, I have noticed that the much of the history we've chosen to immortalize seems disproportionate. What lovers of history could we claim to be if we don't love the whole story? In every county in this beautiful state, we see magnificent statues of the patriotic warriors of the Confederacy, but what about the equally patriotic soldiers of the Union, and what about their Generals? You've got to admit, waging war against Robert E. Lee was no easy task. How about we Southerners show a little respect and hospitality to our fellow Americans?

That is why we ask that instead of dividing our country up and tearing monuments of history down, why don't we make America even more beautiful by reflecting even more of its history? Why not erect a giant golden statue of General William Tecumseh Sherman on the lawn of the Murfreesboro courthouse? It would be spectacular. It would be beautiful. Everyone would love it. 

Our reasons are clear, our hearts are pure, and our patriotism is ineffable. To stand against this proposal is to stand against America and also to stand against history itself, so you should sign this petition, or you are probably a bad person. After all, you can't say it's only about preserving history if you only want to preserve one side of it.

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