Save California's Restaurants!

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"In March of 2020, Eric Garcetti and the LA County Board of Supervisors ordered Los Angeles businesses to shut their doors in order to stop the spread of COVID-19. Hundreds of restaurants and bars were forced to close permanently, destroying life long dreams, savings, and essential jobs. Ever since then, thousands of Angelenos have continued to suffer financially and are at risk of losing their businesses, rental properties, jobs and homes.

For months, restaurant owners have complied with LA County's closures, social distancing requirements, and outdoor dining mandates.

In exchange for their compliance with these difficult, costly, and ridiculous rules, restaurateurs have been rewarded with more closures and hypocritical behavior by our County Board of Supervisors.

The devastating effects of these closures and hypocrisy can no longer be ignored.

We, the residents and business owners of Los Angeles County, demand our elected officials immediately lift all bans on outdoor dining.
These restrictions have placed thousands of people at risk of financial ruin, eviction, bankruptcy, and depression.
There is no scientific consensus that a ban on outdoor dining will reduce the transmission of COVID-19 or that the damage done to business owners, their families and employees by these closures is a lesser threat than the hypothetical spread of COVID-19.

Stop the destruction now. Lift all bans on outdoor dining.