Mayor Garcetti, Shelter a Thousand Homeless Women by Aug 2018

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Mayor Garcetti, Shelter a Thousand Homeless Women by Aug 2018

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Mayor Eric Garcetti,

on January 20th, you gave a great speech at the 2018 Women's March.

Here are a couple of select lines from your speech:

“We fight for the rights of all of us!”

"Don’t be a bystander!"

“There’s no wrong time to do the right thing!”

What’s shocking is the fact that homelessness in LA, which has seen a sharp and steady rise under your leadership in the last 5 years, was not mentioned until 7 minutes and 55 seconds in your speech. Mentioned and referred to in just one simple sentence. The speech was so good we could almost forgive you for being the mayor under whose administration that LA has not opened a single women’s shelter. This with all our Domestic Violence shelters full with a 3 week wait. While countless unsheltered homeless women get sexually assaulted time and time again. Wonder who's the bystander in this scenario....

A 2016 audit ordered by you found over 10,000 warehouses owned by the City of LA which are sitting vacant. With a total of 6,798 women living unsheltered, we have a goal for you. Open 5 warehouses and get 1000 women off our streets in the next 6 months. For someone who talks big about caring for our women, we think this is a fair and simple goal.

“Mr. President you have your tweets but we own these streets” – Eric Garcetti 

Okay then Mayor Garcetti, show us how you will protect our women on these streets!



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This petition had 7,762 supporters

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