Mayor Garcetti Fine Anyone Breaking Lockdown By Unnecessarily Throwing A Party

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Los Angeles is in the middle of a COVID spike. Local and State officials are considering starting another lockdown to get the numbers under control. Meanwhile, influencers like Jake Paul, Nikita Dragun, James Charles, Tana Mongeau, Charli D'Amelio, Dixie D'Amelio, Larray, Thomas Petrou, Bryce Hall and friends have been throwing parties every few days at their content houses known as the Hype House, Sway House and Team 10. Recently, Jake Paul threw a party with upwards to 200 people. The mayor of Calabasas responded yesterday by adding new COVID restrictions. The SAME day, the Hype House throws a massive party in Hollywood Hills. So many people attended the party, one of their members said the house was at capacity. These influencers shared pictures and video of the party on their Instragram stories, clearly flaunting their lack of regard for the situation currently affecting America and the world. Recently, Mayor Eric Garcetti announced he would reinitiate the lockdown--that is not enough. Mayor Garcetti please consider a fine for anyone who throws a "Rona Party". The negative effect these influencers are having in defeating COVID transcends transmission. These influencers are sending a negative message to their largely young audience that everything is okay. They are showing by example that there is no need to wear masks or avoid public gatherings. If we want to defeat COVID, we have to do it together, and unfortunately influencers are not helping by having massive public gatherings. Nothing has stopped these influencers from throwing these parties, so maybe if they feel it in their wallets they will think twice before throwing another party.