Create an Anti-Loitering/Anti-Camping City Code for Greenbelt

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Extreme instances of loitering and public camping are occurring in Greenbelt. Greenbelt residents have witnessed or have seen evidence of the following:

  • Long-term makeshift camps on multiple park benches and bus stops
  • Full-body bathing in public restrooms
  • The washing and drying of underwear in public restrooms
  • Public urination in full view of family homes
  • Threats against other citizens, screaming, and episodes of psychosis  

Some of these activities are still occurring on a daily basis. They are creating practical, safety, health, and financial problems that are leading to an erosion of the basic residential living standards that are found in most, if not all, suburban neighborhoods. Greenbelt’s general quality of life is at increasing risk.

We call on the Greenbelt City Council to enact an anti-loitering/anti-camping city code to allow both the city government and the city police department to effectively deal with extreme instances of loitering and public camping so that basic living standards and quality of life can be maintained for the common good.