Protect Seattle Trees NOW!

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Protect Seattle Trees NOW!

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Over 150 trees located on city-owned land of the West Duwamish Greenbelt in West Seattle were cut down illegally earlier this year. One resident has come forward admitting to the destruction, saying that it was in an effort to obtain better views.

We call on Mayor Murray and City Council to immediately act and prevent the future loss of trees, on both public and private property, by:

  • Creating a task force of stakeholders, including community members, nonprofit organizations, arborists, landscape professionals, developers, police, and others to address tree losses,
  • Using the task force to create a new tree protection ordinance that is comprehensive, effective, and enforced, and
  • Implementing a public education campaign that emphasizes the larger community’s stake in public and privately owned trees, including the utilitarian and financial consequences of inadequate canopy coverage.

Trees are an important community asset that are essential to the ecosystem, but which also improve the city itself and the quality of life for its residents. Some of the many benefits of the urban canopy include:

  • Carbon sequestration, water filtration, and storm water runoff reduction, 
  • Increased property value, increased rental occupancy rate, and improved retail business, and 
  • Reduced crime rates, reduced noise pollution, and increased public health.

The City must take action now to protect the urban canopy, for our community today and for generations to come.

Supporting Organizations:

City Fruit

Friends of Seattle's Urban Forest

Plant Amnesty

Seattle Nature Alliance 



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This petition had 730 supporters

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