Stop proposed Pumping Station in St. Rose Beach

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REJECT A PUMPING STATION at ST. ROSE BEACH, Riverside Dr. East- Windsor.

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1. We request the Sewer and Coastal Flood Protection Master Plan adopt a solution that does not destroy our waterfront park.  The community uses St. Rose Beach park daily to walk, exercise, picnic, fish, and enjoy family time.

2. The proposed storm water pumping station at St. Rose Beach does not conform to Environment Canada's recommendations for municipalities to adopt strategies that promote healthy natural spaces for future generations.

3. The proposed station is a significant risk to residents' health, and contradicts the goals of air & water quality and responsible land use set forth in Windsor's Environmental Plan adopted in 2017.  

4. Environment Canada recommends a pumping station plant should have adequate isolation from residential areas and should account for prevailing wind direction and suitability of soil conditions (section 8.1 plant location).

5.The north wind across the Detroit River will cause the exhaust from the ventilation system to fill the surrounding residential neighborhood with foul smelling sewage infused air along with chlorine and ammonia.  The station will also produce noise, pollution and vibration causing residential structural damage.

6. In the event of a breakdown, raw sewage could discharge into the river and affect the water quality and food chain (fish).

7. The proposed location of the pumping station in St. Rose Beach will negatively impact the landscape and visual qualities of the park.  The proposal violates both federal and local recommendations of preservation .  Windsor's Environmental Plan prioritizes green spaces because they function to enhance social cohesion, mental and physical wellbeing, and family bonding (p6).

8. The proposed location will negatively impact the livelihood of the Riverside area and its residents.

9. We understand the importance of a pumping station for the area to mitigate the flooding issues in the future. We believe this is not the right location.  Alternative locations were suggested and discussed with the city of Windsor and should be considered.  


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