Open City and County Pools for Swim Teams

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We, Border Swimming and High School Swimming in El Paso humbly request  the City of El Paso and County of El Paso to reconsider their position on the aquatics facilities and reopen for the summer in June 2020.

These pools are vital to keep Club and High School swimming competitive in El Paso now and in the future. These competitions provide student athletes the opportunity for possible scholarships as well as the chance to represent El Paso at larger venues.  It is the responsibility of the City and County of El Paso to assist our student athletes achieve their goals, as well as provide the opportunities for children to learn to swim and to be educated about water safety. Drowning is one of the leading causes of accidental death globally according to the World Health Organization.

Many cities outside of  El Paso have  reopened their pools (such as Austin, Dallas, Midland)  and have already returned  to practicing with potential competitions in July. With the lack of access to facilities in El Paso the sport of swimming is on hold with the potential for families to consider moving to other cities or join teams in neighboring cities.

USA Swimming  and the CDC have provided instruction on how to return to water safely and effectively.  Border Swimming will be using these guidelines to help El Paso get back in the water safely.  The CDC has reported that there is no evidence the virus can be spread in pool water. Border Swimming will provide a detailed "Back in Water" written plan for the city's review documenting the importance of  new safety procedures.

Recently the NCAA completed a survey showing that mental health concerns among its student-athletes are currently 150% to 200% higher than usual during the pandemic. We, the city and county of El Paso and Border Swimming need to find a way to reach, and enable our athletes by giving them the opportunity to train again.

Quality of Life is the standard of health, comfort and happiness experienced by an individual or group.  It embodies overall well-being and happiness. Together, the City and county of El Paso and Border swimming can help show the community how to reopen  their pool facilities safely and effectively with a cooperative spirit. Let us find a way together.