Save the last remaining natural areas in urban Broward

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Richard Brownscombe
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Broward is the first Florida county to face a local extinction crisis. It is not surprising. Natural habitat here is scarce, only 3% of the land remains for nature. Much more surprising is the fact that 72% of Broward’s native species live within our densely populated cities (details in the article).

In other words, our rich indigenous biodiversity now lives within the nearly 400 small preserves and county natural parks scattered throughout urban Broward. Each property has different habitats holding the last of our rare wildflowers and supporting endangered wildlife. These last natural areas are one of Broward’s greatest scientific and educational assets.

Twelve acres on two important parcels of natural land owned by the City of Fort Lauderdale and managed by the FXE Airport Board are being leased for destruction as an Executive Airpark (having nothing to do with the stadium proposal). It was a mistake in 2013 that Broward County Environmental Protection and Growth Management Department granted permission to cut down hundreds of old- growth trees on four city-owned parcels. Now, today, the County and the City, again, fail to save the last two natural parcels slated for destruction.

Most counties are trying to buy last remaining natural areas, but here in Broward these two natural parcels already owned by Fort Lauderdale are being destroyed and developed. As the public learns of this, they are outraged, as we are. Three parcels were largely destroyed in 2013. We are trying now to save the last two, Lot 20/21 and Parcel 12/12A (FXE Executive Airport Real Estate).

Protest, write, email, call or sign our petition to demonstrate that the public does not want its city government destroying its natural areas!