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I was just doing my job, like the oath that I took to protect and serve. After 28 years of still trying to get the F.D.N.Y. to simply "answer" to my "causation" of a disability, as required by law, and forced ( unfit for any duty) to retire on has never been answered to this day. Over fifty doctors concluded my disabling  injuries were from the night of the fire, Including F.D. Chief medical officer twice. The MRI's , EMG'S tests and X-rays, showed new injuries, but were held back from the pension doctors over and over again even though I have receipts that I gave them all to the         1-B pension board, and F.D. Board trustees. Even my union was bringing my altered reports, and original medical reports, to the hearings because even they kept disappearing. This is also on record. But the extent of fraud was so great that I was retired without "any" mention of my 7 herniated disc's with radiculopathy in arms , hands, fingers, and leg, and never even answered to my neck and back disability required by law. At the time (1993) I was only the third firefighter at the time to win my case in the Brooklyn Supreme Court, only to have my case reversed stating an eight year old broken jaw from a (mugging) forced my retirement. But the appellate court forgot to state by law that the  F.D., and the 1-B pension board already ruled out that the jaw was never the cause of my injury to my neck and back. The same court also forgot to mention why I was forced (causation) to remain on medical leave for 994 days from my injury till retirement . The causation law is the very reason my case went to court which was to answer to causation like the Supreme Court did. Yet the appellate court even went so far as reading on record a F.D. Highly regarded three man medical report signed by the chief medical officer which stated a back disability related to the fire accident was line of duty but never stated that, in the written decision, and the F.D. 1-B medical board never read this report, nor the dozens of other doctors reports as required by law. Now the court never even stated the fake disability I was retired on ( pain syndrome) when the Supreme Court addressed it as a made up fake condition that no doctor ever diagnosed me with. So the fraud was so thick that hundreds of documents were even held back from the appellate court records even after we requested by law to be included in the courts records. The state courts by law are to adhere to their CPLR laws to answer and include entire record before the courts that F.D.and city corporation council were by law suppose to include in this courts records. Also asked in our record was to include the entire record under administrative law 13-323 and 13-353 which states 1-B medical board to answer to entire record , on the record. These laws bound by the courts never applied in my case. Instead, I received very corrupt court decisions by the appellate court, This court cannot make medical decisions on the record that not even the 1-B board ever seen or addressed  . This court also cannot by law issue a decision without ever stating what I was retired on, but they did. This court also left out the earlier appellete court decision that just granted me a trial preference, stating  my line of duty injuries were so serious, that for the first time the appellete court agreed that my case should be the next case heard on the court calendar since my line of duty P.T.S.D. was determined to be so severe. But when this same court reverses my case they also leave out what they already decided in their own decision related to my ptsd. This is also unheard of . Next I take my proof to the D.A.'s office where after their 16 month investigation took place and I bring their fraud findings now to a first, one of a kind fraud case, back to the Supreme Court using F.D. pension fraud law 13-377 where the findings of pension fraud committed against me is shown to the fraud judge back now at the Supreme Court again and I put back in hundreds of documents , including board of trustees meetings ,  52 attorney memo's ,stating  altered medical records, as far back as 3/8/1990 asking for an investigation on record , and union also asked on record ,which also went ignored, My attorney also on record asked for a second investigation for F.D. for cancelling my medical coverage, and my family's medical coverage. And when my daughter was sick she was denied seeing a doctor visit with ear ache and fever . This also was covered up even though the F.D. was the agency that sent the letter to cancel my coverage .We submitted this also before the fraud judge along with a handwriting document examiner report showing that head pension doctor , Dr, Pflum, never even signed his name on my retirement 1-B altered medical retirement certificates. We Also submitted recorded testimony on record of the F.D.board of trustees minutes where pension members states (City Corporation Council member ) that I, in fact, had no prior injuries at my second F.D. board trustees meeting and that also went missing that I have. Including 6 other F.D. Meetings . Also submitted were several MRI's and emg's that were pulled out of my recorded and never read, of neck and back .And my lawyers memorandum letters showing pension fraud way back to the beginning after I was injuried and continuously refusing to answer to causation laws of my injuries. Even dozens of politicans letters showing that I was punished by F.D.and home confined 24/7-7 days a week for 7-1/2 months untill I retired, and also threatened with suspension and dismissal, for my attorney and I alleging pension fraud. What happened next is the fraud judge did not answer to any of the record put before him and copied the appellate court ruling that an 8 yr. old broken jaw again was the reason I was retired.The 1-B medical board already ruled this out. Even the Supreme Court did but this court was not going to follow any laws. Now this court also covers up fraud and never menchions what my injuries are, and that I was forced to retire on a fake made up injury no doctor again diagnosed .  So now the hundreds of documents never get menhioned and most important was the 16 month Brooklyn D.A.'s  worst case of fraud findings signed by judge Aiello. That's why I took a fraud case to court. This was also covered up, and never answered to, in the fraud case. Then the judge states I never made a claim of fraud at the F.D. When the entire record before him showed this. Next the judge never answers to the fraud law 13-377 in his decision. Again unheard of . Now also ongoing is the city was using my corrupt court decision to deny other city workers of a fair court review, and denying them, at their fair shot at justice by using my appellete court decision as a reason to deny them. So I go back to the D.A.'s office showing fraud judge ignored their findings of pension fraud . Now D.A. Concludes new fraud and reopens a new investigation see for six months, because fraud judge covered up pension fraud . Then fbi gets involved finding fraud and is now being ignored by the mayors office including the answer from the us justice department to the fbi . There is no other case like this case in the entire country and no one wants to touch it cause I was redflaged, and even after dozens of politicians requested help from the city these letters were also ignored. I have recordings I made with city officials that even the fd is afraid to listen to including reading my FBI findings. And all these years of fighting which caused harm to my 3 children and wife for what. I was a good firefighter and used to go to hundreds of fires on and off duty just to help anyone. But when I ask the city and F.D. for help my crys are ignored. And what do I get from the job that I loved. Just several years ago because I never gave up my fight for justice I wrote boxes of letters to the mayors office and the fd commissioners over the many years. What do I get . I was taken out of my house in front of my wife and children by two crisis workers and taken by out of state police officers  to a physicatric ward for three nights all because the fire commissioner was friends with the fd civilian lawyer that was the chairperson of the fd pension board of trustees that committed all this fraud ( in her own words on record) and she had also sent 4 detectives from the mayors unit in Brooklyn come to our house because she became aware of the 4 hr of YouTube videos where I prove on record all the altered medical records and fake medical diagnosis that I was never diagnosed with. And she was behind it all. So when the F.D. Commissioner was past director of operations,  she was his boss as second in command and an attorney for the Board Of Trustees, and she told detectives she was afraid of me following her,  according to them, and even they concluded after viewing for themselves, and the  one detectives answer was , wow ,were you screwed by Marlene Gold. She became a very powerful city worker with a lot of friends to help with the coverups, including court judges. I need your support.