LEAVE Performing Charter Schools Alone. Please

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LEAVE Performing Charter Schools Alone. Please

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Hello Fellow Supporters of Higher Education,

I am starting this petition as 1st a concerned parent, 2nd as constituent of the district 10 community in NYC and 3rd as a current Supporter of Charter School Education.

1st I would like to say that I am appauled at the aggressive tone that is being taking against Charter Schools, especially performing ones. Parents take it personally becasue it IS PERSONAL. It IS THEIR CHILDREN's FUTURE. How can they not? If our public school system was upto par, concerned parents would have no desire for Charter School's Educational Services.

Secondly, Of course this affects mostly Black, Latino and other Minority groups of children because of the locations of the Public Schools that are not doing well by the States Standards... Charter schools have been placed their as an OPTION giving parents an alternative for a better education for their children. And suprisingly to everyone it has worked... even the state. This only means that children from the inner city's (failing districts) will be competing at a much higher level than in previous years. A GOOD THING

Thirdly, I myself was a NON supporter of Charter Schools. How naive was I? My son is in Kindergaten (he is 5yrs) and attends one of the Success Academies in NYC. He now reads at 1.5 to 2nd grade reading level. These results are not at all uncommon among SA schools. It is becasue of their regimented approach to learning that sets them apart from the rest. I come from a family of educators and I am impressed with his entire class's approach to programing them to learn and to become independent thinkers.

This can be implemented in any school but unfortunately it is not. Our children need a good education NOW. NOT WHENEVER SOMEONE FINDS THE TIME TO FIGURE IT OUT. Five, Ten or 15 years from now the thousands of children of today will have already missed out. If there are parts of a charter school that needs fixing then make it a discussion. Do not penalize them for doing what public schools are not.

If you are a Supporter of Higher Education, then please sign this petition.

Results speak for themselves. All we ask for is the Opportunity and the OPTION to be made available for us as Family memebers of the children who will greatly benefit from CS services as well as our communities.

Thank you for reading,



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